Discover Sarlat la Canéda - Perigord Noir treasure


A one-of-a-kind medieval town

Sarlat la Canéda, more commonly known as Sarlat, is the capital of the Périgord noir. This beautiful city has one of the most important medieval towns in the world, and makes it a unique tourist attraction that should not be missed. Composed of small alleys which intersect with multitudes of small shaded squares, sumptuous mansions with lauze roofs, you will love to walk there, enjoy the small atypical shops and the many cafes or restaurants where you can relax on the terrace.

Among the many treasures to be discovered in this unique city, here are some of the main attractions to discover absolutely:

Saint-Sacerdos Cathedral

Sanctuary dedicated to Saint Sacerdos, the cathedral dominates the city center of Sarlat. Majestic monument whose origins date from the XNUMXth century, it mixes the Romanesque style for its oldest parts with a light and luminous Gothic style. Its original bell tower, a magnificent heart, many small chapels, its stained glass windows and a magnificent organ await you there. It is one of the historical monuments in perfect condition to discover.

Cathedral of Sarlat la Canéda

La Boetie's house

Born November 1, 1530 in Sarlat, Étienne de La Boétie is a famous humanist writer and a French poet. It was notably through his Discourse on Voluntary Servitude that he gained popularity. He was also Montaigne's best friend.

A must-see during your visit, his house, located in front of Saint Sacerdos Cathedral, is easily distinguished from the surrounding buildings thanks to its Italian Renaissance style. Its facade is adorned with large mullioned windows framed by medallion and diamond pilasters. The slate roof is pierced by a modern skylight with luxuriant decoration. At his feet. shops and a small passage leading to a charming interior courtyard in which you will find a restaurant.

Unfortunately, the interior of this exceptional building cannot be visited ...

La Boétie's house in Sarlat
La Boétie's house

Take a guided city tour

The best way to discover this gem of Périgord is to walk its streets accompanied by a guide, who can tell you the stories and secrets that the stones of its ancestral buildings keep preciously. For this, the Tourist Office organizes throughout the year Guided tours of Sarlat. As a couple, with children or with friends, great discoveries await you.

Guided tour in front of the Onlooker statue in Sarlat
Guided tour in front of the Onlooker statue

Stroll and enjoy the street entertainment

In summer, the streets of the city come alive and its historic heart welcomes you in a friendly and festive atmosphere!

No reservations to make or entry to buy, to enjoy this atmosphere, you just have to stroll through the alleys of the city and you will meet jugglers, clowns, acrobats, etc. Stages are regularly set up for shows. In short, there are always great surprises to discover throughout the summer.

street dancer in Sarlat
Street dancer during the mad arts festival

Dreaming at the Sarlat market

You are going to stock up on local and fresh products!

The Sarlat market has become a real institution and brings together each week producers from the region who make you discover the products of their culture and their labor. This is the opportunity to taste foie gras, porcini mushrooms, confits, duck breasts, truffles, nuts, honey, wine and many other typical Périgord products ... directly from the producer!

And every season has its market so no matter when you visit the city, there will always be something to taste!

Sarlat market
The market in front of the old Church of Saint Mary

Enjoy entertainment all year round

Sarlat is a very touristy and dynamic city, so there is always something going on there and you can Vibrate all year round to the rhythm of major events, there will be something for everyone:

  • The feast of the truffle and the goose
  • The Theater Games Festival
  • The Sarlat film festival
  • The Ringueta
  • Terroir days
  • etc.

Discover the Sarlat entertainment program which has been concocted for you this year on the website of the Sarlat and Périgord Noir Tourist Office.

Sarlat Theater Games Festival
Sarlat Theater Games Festival

Photo credit : Sarlat Périgord Noir Tourist Office